Suggested Reading: Dream Orchestra, A Learning Model

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Suggested Reading: Dream Orchestra, A Learning Model


Aspiring program leaders in any country will be interested in a new book from Sweden: Dream Orchestra, A Learning Model, on sale December 1. Written by Franka Verhagen (CEO of the Dream Orchestra) and Ron Davis Álvarez (Founder and Artistic Director), and designed and illustrated by Valeria Lanz with photos by Reynaldo Trombetta, the book tells the story of the Dream Orchestra of Gothenburg, Sweden on its five-year anniversary. It includes the experiences of students, teachers, and volunteers, and introduces its learning model, offering helpful information and practical advice on how to approach music training for youth orchestras in a holistic way. You can pre-order a digital or print copy by writing to

Speaking of the Dream Orchestra—Ron Davis Álvarez was recently awarded the Frihetstonen Prize from Sweden’s Torgny Segerstedts Minne Foundation, in recognition of the Dream Orchestra’s promotion of democratic values and accomplishments. If you want to learn more about Ron, check out his Ensemble interview from January 2021.


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