Arts Workers Are Building a Labor Movement

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Arts Workers Are Building a Labor Movement


As the pandemic ravages many of the world’s major industries, a labor movement has developed within the arts sector. It is steadily becoming a louder voice for the “foundational” impact of the arts on economic trends and health. In this Washington Post article covering the grassroots initiative, the label “arts workers” is applied to 8.8 million Americans, all of whom play a significant role in the country’s labor market. The article mentions movements like Be an #ArtsHero, formed in the wake of the pandemic, which is fostering a new form of advocacy through their “Arts Workers Unite: 100 Days of Art and Activism” campaign. This is one of many campaigns highlighted in the piece, all offering ways to get involved and demonstrate the essential role of the arts in supporting our economy, social development, and collective well-being. We have long known that the arts are more than just a “luxury.” Now is the time to show it.


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