January 2022

The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

French Youth Orchestras Honor Maestro José Antonio Abreu in UNESCO-Sponsored Concert


Tutti Passeurs D’Arts, a program dedicated to music education for social progress in France, is presenting a UNESCO-sponsored concert in Paris on January 16 to honor Maestro José Antonio Abreu.

AIMing Forward: Introducing the Academy for Impact through Music


The global field of music for social change is committed, smart, resilient, and brimming with talented teachers, administrators, and students—that’s a lot of assets! But it isn’t organized to learn well and get better as a field. Indeed, as I traveled during the past decade to 25 countries to observe good programs in action, I consistently heard that their two greatest challenges were finances and faculty. These problems haven’t been getting better.

Introducing The Ensemble’s 2022 Ambassador Cohort


The World Ensemble Ambassadors are a group of youth musicians representing different Sistema-based programs around the globe. We are pleased to announce the third cohort of Ambassadors, who hail from eight countries and nine programs. Get to know them below!

Korea’s Orchestra of Dream Celebrates Ten Years with “I Contact”


KACES wrestled with the best way to plan the celebration, an important milestone for us. Ironically, minimizing human contact became the primary mission for a concert designed to bring people together. We eventually came up with the idea of a contactless concert and began putting into action a plan unlike any we had tried before.

Pandemic, Interrupted


On the first Thursday of December 2021, I did something I hadn’t done for the previous 20 months: I taught six piano students in a row in person, in my home studio. After 16 months of virtual teaching, I had been gradually reintroducing in-person lessons during the fall, one kid at a time, as they became vaccinated. This was the first day that every student on my roster was actually on my piano bench.

From Musicambia: Lessons from Teaching Music in Prisons


Teaching music in prisons is about doing the most with the resources you have. And everywhere we teach, we learn something new from our collaborating musicians; in many ways, we learn as much from our experiences as our students do. In the spirit of reflection and new beginnings, I want to share a few of the lessons that have shaped our work over the past seven years.

An Unusual Orchestra Creates a Transformational Work of Art


On November 5, 2021, an audience of three thousand packed the Movistar Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the premiere of a work that would have been deemed extraordinary under any circumstances: a brand new part-symphonic, part-operatic, part-pop musical theater show based on a child-centered fable written by a French aviator during the Second World War.


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