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The Ensemble seeks to connect and inform all people who are committed to ensemble music education for youth empowerment and social change.

Shifting Perspectives: Music Education and Disability


When people see children with disabilities actively participating in musical activities, their attitudes can shift drastically. This mental shift is incredibly beneficial for these children, who thrive when they are supported by individuals who believe in their capabilities. In this way, music programs are a connector, educating both children with disabilities and those around them, who learn to celebrate their potential.

Because They Can: A Youth Orchestra in Canada Takes on Mahler


Gustav Mahler’s First Symphony “Titan” is a famously formidable work. This four-movement composition by one of Austria’s greatest composers lasts almost an hour, requiring performers to have endurance as well as musical skill. Performances of Mahler 1 are generally done by professional and university-level musicians—until now. In June 2025, the musicians of the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra (NBYO), the youth orchestra of the Canadian province of New Brunswick, will embark on a summer-long tour of Canada during which they will perform Mahler’s Symphony No. 1.

El Sistema’s Emerging Power as an Agent of Cultural Diplomacy


On one of the hottest days of this year’s historically hot summer, I was privileged to take part in an important step forward for global cultural diplomacy.

Power in the Pride: Providing Ensemble Experiences for SEND Youth


The residential element of the program is designed with the recognition that feelings of isolation and loneliness are common among those with additional needs. Participants make the Leiston Abbey their home, and the course leaders and support staff eat, play, and create alongside them, forming a special, trusting atmosphere.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bore


Guarneri Hall does wonderful work supporting emerging and established artists, striving to make classical music more accessible and celebrated in every kind of community. In many ways, it was a dream pairing for me. My mind danced with visions of the ways my skill set might benefit a collaboration between us. And then I received my assignment.

Giving Voice to the Guatemalan Community


Maria José and Mario have transformed children playing into the serious work of making music and being together. Before they even realize it, children are singing and performing as a common extracurricular activity. They know that Querido Arte is a space where their voices matter.

GLP Imagined Community Concert: Reunion


During our conversations with them, CMW staff shared that they sometimes struggle to engage families to attend concerts. In considering how best to bring together all CMW families, students, and faculty, we came up with “Reunion,” an imagined concert designed to help CMW unite and celebrate their community’s many cultures and people.

GLP Imagined Community Concert: We Are the Change


Our group was inspired to see the singers shine while performing for their families and communities and saw an opportunity to celebrate their empowered selves in our imagined participatory concert, “We Are the Change.” Based on the lyric poetry book Change Sings by inaugural National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman, the concert melds aspects of choral music and teaching artistry to create an engaging, out-of-the-box community experience.

Is Culture the Missing Piece in Our Quest for a Greener and Humane Recovery? Five Ways the Cultural Sector Steps In


Why does a composer venture into the Arctic? Perhaps because it is one of the places our global climate emergency is on clearest display. Auerbach’s collaborator, Enric Sala, the founder of National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Project, observed that if you look at our Earth from space, the Arctic appears as its heart, a white heart expanding and contracting. The expansions are getting noticeably smaller every year.

Global Working Conditions for Musicians: An Unchanged Status Quo


Even as many of our grassroots initiatives declare the importance of supporting musician change-makers—and call for our institutions to actively participate in that support through their practices—the attitude of those core institutions seems unchanged, even after two years on hold. The high global incidence of orchestra dismissals is distressing, as is the non-transparency of some orchestras and conservatories.


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