Introducing the Ecopetrol-Batuta Alliance

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Introducing the Ecopetrol-Batuta Alliance


The Ecopetrol-Batuta Alliance will benefit more than 2,000 Colombian children and teenagers. Participants from the regions of Huila, Meta, Santander, and Casanare will receive general music, choral, and orchestral training, which will benefit community development in those areas as well as bolster already-existing Batuta programs. The roll-out of the newest phase of this program began in November 2017, and more centers will open in February 2018, but Ecopetrol and Batuta have been working together for the past five years. The new programs will involve local communities and families with movie nights, concerts, and workshops on social values, strategies to encourage the development of a culture of peace. The energy company has stated its commitment to supporting “musical education that contributes to the educational and cultural development of the communities where we operate.”

Date Published: 8 December 2017


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