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The Ambassadors’ Exchange: Introducing Your New Ambassadors Program Manager!

Hello, everybody! My name is Pedro Ramos, and I am The Ensemble’s new Ambassadors Program Manager. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, and my parents are from Honduras and El Salvador in Central America.


Intergenerational Co-Mentoring Project

Zoey Peacock Jones, senior BFA Student, The New School; aspiring clown, actor, and teaching artist, and Jean E. Taylor, teaching artist; Director, Lincoln Center Education; Professor, The New School

What if we borrowed a principle from our shared love for the artistic discipline of theatrical clown, and adopted the position that we were both experts and that we both knew nothing, simultaneously? This dichotomy balances the resilience of the expert with the vulnerability of the newcomer. Our clowns know how to negotiate the movement from one to the other and back again.


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